Baby Star Melio 嬰兒木床連3” 床褥 – 原木色

Baby Star Melio 嬰兒木床連3” 床褥 – 原木色

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Baby Star Melio Baby Cot with 3″ Mattress – Natural

Suitable for 0-2yrs

  • Product Size: Approx. L38″ x W22.8″ x H38” / L96.5 x W58 x H96.5cm (+/- 1cm)


*此貨品不設現貨, 只提供代客訂購, 請先致電查詢*


貨號: BS38228N
  • 描述


  • 紐西蘭松木製造
  • 床墊板附有3段高度調節: 方便媽媽照顧在婴兒床內的寶寶


  • 3 段可調校床板高度
  • 其他特點:
    • 一邊附有活動閘,方便媽媽抱起在嬰兒床內的寶寶
    • 兩邊附有防咬膠邊
    • 附有4個輪子(2個可鎖上), 容易將嬰兒床移動
    • 附有3吋床墊
    • 符合歐洲產品安全標準 EN716
    • FSC 森林認証之歐洲櫸木
  • 產品尺寸: 大約長38″ x 闊22.8″ x 高38″ / 長96.5 x 闊58 x 高96.5厘米 (+/- 1厘米)
  • 附有3”床褥

    • 其他特點:
      • 符合BS7177阻燃測試 (低危)
      • 可抹密封防水內層
      • 可洗衣機清洗的保護套,保持清潔
    • 產品尺寸: 大約長36.2″ x 闊21″ x 高3″ / 長92 x 闊53.5 x 高7.6厘米 (+/- 1厘米)

The Melio cot is made from New Zealand Pine. With its simple detail and size-wise design, the Melio cot is definitely a space saver for baby’s first room with limited size. The three mattress base heights make it a lot easier for mums to access their baby in the cot.

3 Adjustable Cot Base
The adjustable cot base comes with 3 heights. Younger babies can sleep with the mattress raised to the highest point make it a lot easier for mums to access their babies without hurting your back. As your little one grows, and gets more active, the cot base can be lowered to allow them to stand safely inside.

Other Features:

  • One sided drop side to make it easier for mums to get their baby in the cot
  • Both sides with teething rails
  • Comes with wheels on each leg to make it easier to move around (2 lockable wheels)
  • Comes with 3″ mattress
  • Comply with EN716 European Safety Standard
  • FSC-Certified New Zealand Pine
  • Product Size: Approx. L38″ x W22.8″ x H38” / L96.5 x W58 x H96.5cm (+/- 1cm)

Included 3″ Mattress
It is made of firm and comfortable foam with a removable cover. Both cover and foam conform to BS7177 Resistance of ignition, offering every night a comfortable and safe sleep to your little one.

Other Features: (Mattress)

  • Conforms to BS7177 Resistance of ignition (Low Hazard)
  • Wipe-clean sealed waterproof inner layer
  • Machine washable cover to keep clean

Product Size: Approx. L36.2″ x W21″ x H3″ / L92 x W53.5 x H7.6cm (+/- 1 cm)