Baby Star Mickey 推控附前圍摺合式三輪車

Baby Star Mickey 推控附前圍摺合式三輪車

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Baby Star Foldable Trike – Mickey Mouse

貨號: M716N
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Mickey Mouse 摺合三輪車可讓孩童自行騎踏或由媽媽爸爸可推控. 摺合設計可方便收藏及攜帶.

  • 當孩童可以自行騎踏時, 腳踏板及控制方向的後推把都可收摺起
  • 可收摺安全圍欄
  • 後儲物籃
  • 座位大約離地面30厘米
  • 座位大約離腳踏44厘米
  • 適合孩童可自行坐立, 1.5至4歲(77-90厘米/31-36吋高)
  • 開啟尺寸(後推把調高):  長24.6″ X 闊15.4″ X 高32.7″/ 長62.5 X 闊39 X 高83 厘米  
  • 開啟尺寸(後推把調低):  長24.6″ X 闊15.4″ X 高21.5″/ 長62.5 X 闊39 X 高54.5 厘米  
  • 收摺尺寸:  長15.7″ X 闊15.4″ X 高24.4″/ 長40 X 闊39 X 高62 厘米
  • 產品重量: 5.4公斤

Mickey Mouse Foldable Tricycle is perfect for kids to learn to ride on their own or with parental assistance. The fold away design for easy storage or transport. 

  • When child knows how to ride themselves, the footrest and steering push handle can be folded away
  • Fold away safety guard
  • Rear basket
  • Distance between the seat to the ground is approx. 30cm
  • Distance between the seat to the pedal is approx. 44cm
  • Suitable for child who can sit unassisted, aged 1.5 through 4 years (77-90cm/31-36 in. height)
  • Opened size (with push handle up): L24.6″ W15.4″ X H32.7″ / L62.5 X W39 X H83cm
  • Opened size (with push handle down): L24.6″ W15.4″ X H21.5″ / L62.5 X W39 X H54.5cm
  • Folded size: L15.7″ W15.4″ X H24.4″ / L40 X W39 X H62cm
  • Weight: 5.4kg