BabyGanics 美國嬰兒洗衣液(無香味) 1.77L

BabyGanics 美國嬰兒洗衣液(無香味) 1.77L

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BabyGanics Laundry Detergent – Fragrance Free 1.77L

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  • 植物配方天然酵素徹底清洗寶寶衣物去除污跡汗味
  • 三倍超濃縮配方經濟環保
  • 適用於全棉嬰兒尿布
  • 防敏感配方經兒科及皮膚專科測試
  • 不經任何動物測試
  • 不含硫酸鹽、二噁烷、熒光增白劑、氯、鄰苯二甲酸、磷酸鹽、人造香料或色素
  • 無香味
  • 美國製造
Our Laundry is formulated with the stain-fighting powers of plant-derived ingredients, making it great for your whole family’s laundry from blankies to jeans.
Triple Concentreated:
means less detergent per load! Our formula is designed to save you time on extra washing and money on more detergent, all while getting your family’s clothes super clean and fresh in just one wash.

Stain Fighting:

formula is made with plant-derived ingredients that actually get the job done. So it works hard and plays gentle

  • Safe for cloth diapers
  • Non-allergenic – Dermatologist Tested – Product not tested on animals
  • Formulated without: optical brighteners, 1,4 dioxane, chlorine, phthalates, phosphates, sulfates, fragrances or dyes
  • Formulated with: Plant-derived ingredients