Babymoov Nutribaby+ 蒸煮食物攪拌調理機 (灰色)

Babymoov Nutribaby+ 蒸煮食物攪拌調理機 (灰色)

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Babymoov Nutribaby+ Food Steamer and Blender – Industrial Grey

French Design

貨號: A001124_UK
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Nutribaby+ 給您寶寶及全家提供均衡及多種食物選擇.控制面設計讓使用更容易(1按鈕=1功能), 攪拌機提供3個速度,6合1功能:暖奶、加熱食物、奶瓶消毒、蒸煮、攪拌及解凍。加加大容量足夠為您全家提供餐食。

Babymoov的宗旨 – 與媽媽更緊密的連結來明白他們的需要來研發Nutribaby Classic, Babymoov再誇一大步及加入創新創造了新的食物調理機Nutribaby+,它滿足爸爸媽媽,讓他們更有興趣烹調。


  • 蒸煮功能:不同食材可分開烹調
  • 營養成分及維他命都能保留
  • 攪拌機提供3個速度及可拆式刀片
  • 獨立蒸煮機:蔬菜,為寶寶或給全家食用


下載寶寶食譜程式”Cooking for Baby”,搜尋不同年齡及食材的食譜建議,及閱讀有關食材資料!


Nutribaby+ 的更多功能給從懷孕期間,到寶寶開始吃固體食物,直至全家的膳食都可照顧到。及附有6合1功能

  • 奶瓶加熱
  • 食物加熱
  • 奶瓶消毒
  • 蒸煮
  • 攪拌
  • 解凍




  • 簡單控制板面:1按鈕=1功能
  • 使用容易: 10個預設程式,煮食 時間顯示及警示聲效
  • 1個烹調循環: 為您全家烹調美味的一餐或為寶寶烹調一星期的餐食!
  • 簡潔設計: 攪拌機及蒸煮機可分開
  • 大小改變: 隨您的需要, 可單獨使用蒸煮機


Nutribaby+ 的設計及功能讓您的生活更輕鬆

  • 不含雙酚A
  • 加加大容量 2200毫升: 蒸煮格 1500毫升, 攪拌機700毫升
  • 可拆除式配件: 蒸煮籃, 托盤, 及攪拌刀方便清洗, 都可放入洗碗機
  • 收納容易: 兩機可分體
  • 雙層獨立蒸氣籃設計, 分隔不同類型食材(水果, 蔬菜, 魚類, 肉類, 麵食, 雞蛋…)
  • 時間顯示, 完美烹調食物
  • 湯汁承載容器可保存食物湯汁, 可用於調製濃湯, 保持食物原有的營養成分
  • 3個攪拌速度
  • 可同時蒸煮及攪拌

The best food maker for baby and the whole family

The Nutribaby+ is ideal to have balanced, diversified food for baby and the whole family. Easy-to-use thanks to its intuitive interface (1 button = 1 function), it provides 3 blending speeds and 6 functions in 1: bottle and food warming, sterilizing, steaming, blending and defrosting. It also provides an XXL capacity to feed the whole family.

Following Babymoov’s philosophy of working closely with mums to understand their needs and build on its expertise with the Nutribaby Classic, Babymoov have decided to go even further and bring innovation into its new baby food maker, the Nutribaby+, to satisfy parents with more performance, intuitiveness, modularity, style, and especially the pleasure to cook.


Baby weaning

  • Gentle steam cooking: ingredients are cooked separately
  • The nutrients and vitamins are preserved
  • 3 blending speeds and a removable blade
  • Stand-alone steamer: to cook tender vegetables for baby led weaning or for the whole family
  • More than 400 recipe ideas for baby and mums-to-be
  • Download the baby led-weaning app “Cooking for baby” and find out lots of recipe ideas by age, by ingredients, read food articles!


The Nutribaby+ provides more features to use from pregnancy, through weaning up to family meals. It comes with 6 functions in one:

  • Bottle warming
  • Food warming
  • Sterilizing
  • Steaming
  • Blending
  • Defrosting



It provides the biggest capacity of the market to either prepare baby’s meal for the whole week or 1 meal for the whole family. Ergonomic, it provides the maximum capacity in a minimum space.

Nutribaby+, the best baby food maker

  • Intuitive interface: 1 button = 1 function
  • Easy to use: 10 pre-programmed functions, visual and sounds warnings
  • 1 cooking cycle: 1 meal for the whole family or a week of delicious meals for your baby !
  • Compact: blender and steamer units separable
  • Scalable: evolves with your needs, the steamer unit can be used alone

A design and features made to ease your life

  • XXL capacity 2200ml: steaming 1500ml, blending 700ml
  • Removable parts : baskets, trays, and blending blade for easy cleaning, all dishwasher safe
  • Easy storage: removable units
  • Soft steam cooking with 2 independent steaming baskets (fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, pasta, eggs…)
  • Automatic timer to cook every ingredient to perfection
  • Saves cooking water for use in purées and soups to maximise nutrients benefit
  • 3 blending speed for the perfect texture
  • Can cook and blend at the same time