Cam Telaio Fluido City + Mod. Top 嬰兒手推車套裝 – 藍色

Cam Telaio Fluido City + Mod. Top 嬰兒手推車套裝 – 藍色

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CAM Fluido City + Mod. Smart Modular System – Navy

  • Made in Italy
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貨號: 877/V90+990/769
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Telaio Fluido City + Mod. Top套裝都包括您與寶寶出外時所需要的,適合新生兒至大約3歲(15公斤)。

  • 套裝包括
    • 手提籃
    • 雙向座位(適合由初生開始使用)
    • AreaZero+ 汽車坐椅
    • 雨套
    • 儲物籃
    • 媽媽袋(附有更換墊)
    • 還有太陽檔和腳套 (可用在手提籃和手推車上)
    • 配備有專利的Quicky System (可把嬰兒籃和汽車安全座椅輕易安裝在車架上和拆除)和Via Vai System (座位可後向和前向安裝)
  • 前輪備有ON/OFF裝置,可360°旋轉. 後輪附有相連煞掣裝置. 所有輪子都備有避震功能
  • 座墊可拆除和30度下清洗
  • 嬰兒籃: 寬闊的活動空間,備有Quicky System,靠背有4個角度調校,軟墊和附有搖馬和透氣功能。適合寶寶初生至10公斤使用。
  • 雙向座椅: 鋁合金車架,承腳架角度可調校,靠背有4個角度調校,堅固座位和5點式安全帶。Via Vai System 雙向裝置(座位可後向0至12個月和前向安裝12至36個月)。不論座位是前和或後向安裝,都可輕易收摺手推車,收摺後細小。前護欄可拆除及兩個方向都可使用。
  • 汽車座椅: 符合國際安全標準ECER44/04,適合組別0+(0至13公斤)使用。兩邊軟墊保護,安全帶軟墊保護套和防滑的搖馬式底座。汽車座椅可以安裝在備有3點式安全帶的汽車後座。
  • 手推車尺寸: 約 長4″ x 闊34.1″ x 高39.4″ / 長57 x 闊86.5 x 高100厘米 (+/- 2%) 重量: 8.8公斤 (+/- 2%)
  • 收摺尺寸(不包括座位): 約 長4“ x 闊10.2” x 高32.7“ / 長57 x 闊26 x 高83厘米 (+/- 2%) 重量: 5.9公斤 (+/- 2%)
  • 配置嬰兒籃的尺寸: 約 長4″ x 闊35.4″ x 高40.1″ /長57 x 闊90 x 高117厘米 (+/- 2%) 重量: 10.8公斤 (+/- 2%)
  • 嬰兒籃的(內)尺寸: 約 長8″ x 闊31.1″ x 高8.7-7.1″ / 長35 x 闊79 x 高22-18(調整靠背)厘米(+/- 2%) 重量: 4.9公斤 (+/- 2%)
  • 汽車座椅尺寸: 大約長5″ x 闊25.2″ x 高22.8″ / 長44.5 x 闊64 x 高58厘米 (+/- 2%) 重量: 3.7公斤 (+/- 2%)
  • 意大利製造

Cam Fluido City Modular System includes all you need to get out and about with your newborn, suitable from birth to approximately 3 years old (15kg).

  • Including carrycot, reversible seat unit suitable from birth, Area Zero+ Car Seat and Storage Basket
  • also with Canopy and Footmuff which can be fitted onto the carrycot and stroller
  • Fitted with patented Quicky System (to fit and release in a very easy way the carrycot and the car seat from the chassis) and Via Vai System Reverse (to use the pushchair seat unit both rear facing and forward facing)
  • Front swiveling wheels with “on/off device”. Back wheels with linked brake. All with suspensions
  • Fabrics are removable and washable at 30°C

Carrycot: Very spacious, with Quicky system device, 3-position adjustable backrest, soft lining, ventilated and rocking base. It’s ideal for babies from 0 to 10 kg.

Reversible Seat Unit: Featuring aluminum chassis, adjustable footrest, 4 positions adjustable backrest, rigid seat and 5 point harness. It can be used rearward facing (0-12 months about) and forward facing (12-36 months about) thanks to the Via Vai System reverse device. The very compact folding system both rearward and forward facing. The removable bumper bar that can be used in both directions.

Car Seat: complying with standard ECE R44/04 for group 0+ (0-13 kg) with side impact protections, comfortable head hugger with back support, multi-position hood, harness protectors and crotch strap, practical mechanism to adjust the harness, rocking base with non-slip rubber stoppers. It can be fitted using the 3-point safety belt provided in the car in the rear facing position; Removable covers, washable at 30°C.

Pushchair: Approx. L22.4″ x W34.1″ x H39.4″ / L57 x W86.5 x H100cm (+/- 2%) 
Weight: 8.8kg (+/- 2%)

Folded Size (with no seat unit): Approx. L22.4″ x W10.2″ x H32.7″ / L57 x W26 x H83cm (+/- 2%) 
Weight: 5.9kg (+/- 2%) 

With Carrycot: Approx. L22.4″ x W35.4″ x H40.1″ / L57 x W90 x H117cm (+/- 2%) 
Weight: 10.8kg (+/- 2%) 

Carrycot (inside): Approx. L13.8″ x W31.1″ x H8.7-7.1″ / L35 x W79 x H22-18cm (adjustable backrest) (+/- 2%) 
Weight: 4.9kg (+/- 2%) 

Car Seat: Approx. L17.5″ x W25.2″ x H22.8″ / L44.5 x W64 x H58cm (+/- 2%) 
Weight: 3.7kg (+/- 2%) 

Made in Italy