Combi 安撫奶嘴-第2階段(綠色)

Combi 安撫奶嘴-第2階段(綠色)

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Combi Pacifier with Cap Step 2

  • Suitable for 2/3-10months
  • BPA free


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Co-developed with Japanese authorities

  • Combi Pacifier is developed based on the studies of oral cavity of infants.


  1. Arc shaped design to match the upper jaw bone.
  2. Proper elasticity for chewing action.
  3. Shaped to match the tongue movement.
  4. Thin neck design considers baby’s front teeth development.


5. Plate shape to avoid marks leaving on baby’s face.

6. Neck shape to ensure nipple coming to the right position.

7. Shell shape to prevent from covering baby’s nose.

8. Air holes on the cover to improve ventiliation.


Size 尺碼

M: 下腹圍127cm以內 (50″以內), L: 腹圍137cm以內 (53.9″以內)