Combi 日本飲管杯 – 第4階段

Combi 日本飲管杯 – 第4階段

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Combi Straw Mug Step 4 (230ml)

  • suitable from 9months+
  • Microwave safe
  • Sterilizer safe
  • BPA-free

Made in Japan


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  • 描述


  • Combi 訓練杯,分階段訓練「吮」、「飲」、「吸」、「喝」四個動作,另有獨特設計的傾斜把手。
  • 此階段用作吸管飲水的訓練
  • 當幼兒約9個月大時,幼兒可開始練習用吸管吸吮。
  • 簡易開關吸管蓋,方便外出攜帶。


Anti-leakage design makes it great when out and about

Training Mug : The first step to weaning

  • The user friendly shape and size helps the baby to learn how to suck and drink.
  • Tilted mug opening and handle for easier griping and drinking.
  • No need for the baby to lift its head or tilt the bottle when drinking.
  • Special leakage proof cap.

Learning to use a Straw – Straw Mug

  • In this stage, the baby starts to learn how to drink from a straw.
  • One action to open and close of the cap of the straw mug. Best to use in meal time or outing.
  • Soft material is used on the straw.