Comfi® 嬰童透氣枕(1-7歲) / 枕套

Comfi® 嬰童透氣枕(1-7歲) / 枕套

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Comfi 3D X-90º Kids Breathing Pillow

  • Suitable for the age of 1 – 7 years


貨號: BKP01W
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尺寸: 30cm x 50cm x 4.5cm

X-90° 3D全透氣立體纖維 與BB同步呼吸

  • 適合一歲至7歲
  • 透氣防窒息,安全又安心
  • 透氣排汗,時刻保持乾爽舒適
  • 徹底水洗,直接太陽晾曬,乾淨衛生
  • 國際認證,安全可靠 – 有效防敏感
  • 內附一層“加高墊”,並可按小朋友的身高年歲增長而隨時增加“加高墊”的數目

100%透氣度 安全防窒息

  • 透氣防窒息,安全又安心
  • 立體編織技術織成的立體纖維,透氣度接近100%。無論仰睡,趴睡一樣安全,減少意外窒息的情況發生。讓父母安心又放心。

乾爽舒適 防汗疹、濕疹和熱痱

通過嚴格的歐盟安全測試Oeko-Tex Standard100及SGS認證,確保不含致敏原和有害化學物質

水洗快乾 抗菌衛生


內附一層“加高墊”,並可按小朋友的身高年歲增長而隨時增加“加高墊”的數目 (最多5片)。輕易調節適合高度,使用舒適又耐用


  • 溫水浸泡15-20分鐘(建議水溫55-60度),或花灑沖洗
  • 需要時適度加洗衣液
  • 機洗時請注意先放進洗衣袋內,以避免破壞枕頭組織。
  • 不可使用柔順劑
  • 直接太陽晾曬

Size: 30cm x 50cm x 4.5cm

A breathing pillow Suitable for the age: 1 – 7 years

  • Total support, no pressure point

  •  Allow firm orthopedic support for spinal alignment o the baby’s body, Thus enhance her physical development

  • Keep dry and comfortable

  • It repels moist and heat of babies/ kids  to reduce skin rashes such as heat rash or sweat rash and hives.

  • Preventing the suffocation

  • No matter babies of kids are sleeping on the backs or on the tummies, it allows them to easily breathe.


Brand Image:

  • 100% Hong Kong brand name! 
  • 100% Eco-technological mode of thought! 
  • 100% Effort on a healthy form of sleep! 

Pillow with one pcs of Height Adjustable Layer

The height of pillow can be adjusted for different stage of your baby/kid.

Accredited with safety standard

It obtains SGS and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification in Europe, which is free from allergens and toxic chemicals to ensure a safe and healthy sleep.

Washable and easy to dry

It is hygenic to revove dirt or germs by washing and drying under direct sun.

Washing Guide:

  • Hand wash or soak with hot water (suggested effective and safety termperature 55-60 degree)
  • Or machine wash, must put inside a laundry bag
  • Do not use softener
  • Do not bleach
  • Sun dry


圖款 Pattern/ Pillow Case

白色枕 Pillow-White, 小狐及動物枕 Pillow-Fox, 樹枕 Pillow-Tree, 單枕套 Pillow Case-Star, 單枕套 Pillow Case-Organic