Edison 韓國不鏽鋼兒童碗連蓋 240ml (粉紅)

Edison 韓國不鏽鋼兒童碗連蓋 240ml (粉紅)

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Edison Stainless Steel Bown with Lid 240ml (Pink)

made in Korea




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  • 加寬設計,特設防滑膠,寶寶使用時不會容易翻倒。
  • 內膽圓孤型設計,不易藏有食物殘渣,清洗容易。
  • 顏色鮮豔奪目,可愛貓頭鷹的圖案,寶寶一定會愛不釋手!
  • 注意事項:
    • 嬰幼兒需在成人陪伴下使用本產品
    • 確保衛生,頭一次使用本產品前請放入滾水內浸5分鐘
    • 使用前和使用留請清洗乾淨
    • 清洗殺菌時請放入熱水5-10秒即可(請勿超過10秒以上),以免破壞材質
    • 請勿使用或放置本產品靠近火源,微波爐加溫,日曬下和強力洗碗機內

Edison Owl Non-Slip Rice Bowl allows both children and adult to enjoy a easy and tidy meal.  First,the  two handle feature allows children to use both hands for a secure grasp.  Second, the bowl is wide and shallow for a comfortable eating experience for the child.  Third, the stainless steel surface allows easy food gathering by the end of the meal.  Lastly, the bowl has a silicone lined base for stability on the table without tilting or slipping easily.

  • Capacity: 8oz 
  • Dimension: 5.25″Lx4″Wx2″H


Size 尺碼

M: 下腹圍127cm以內 (50″以內), L: 腹圍137cm以內 (53.9″以內)