Disney Winnie the Pooh紙包飲品輔助器

Disney Winnie the Pooh紙包飲品輔助器

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Disney Winnie the Pooh Juice Box Carrier




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  • 備有2個手抦,讓小童緊握飲品座
  • 造型有趣,可折迭式設計,方便攜帶
  • 可調較飲品座容量大小 – (100ml、125ml、200ml、250ml、365ml)
  • 相容迷你至大盒紙包飲品
  • 本產品符合國際 EN14372 : 2004 檢驗標準。
  • 可放入熱水消毒5-10秒(*請勿超過10秒)
  • Adjustable to fit the size of the drinks with a capacity of 250ml (or 100ml, 125ml, 200ml) 
  • Ergonomic handles are easy to hold onto and foldable design is for easy storage
  • Conforms to the European standard EN14372:2004 safety test. – Can be placed in hot water disinfection 5-10 seconds (* Do not exceed 10 seconds)
  • Accented with the Minnie Mouse Emblem Prints on the front 

How to use:

1. Pulls the lock to open holder
2. Pulls to stretch holder
3. Pushes and stabilizes drinks at proper position
4. Extends handles to lock then ready for use

Made of Quality Plastic Materials

  • Prevents your small kid from squeezing juice boxes/bags and spraying sticky drinks everywhere 
  • Great tool for holding both juice boxes and bags for small kids
  • If you are tired of cleaning up sticky juice spills and squirts, this is the perfect solution to messy juice boxes and bags: No more spills/squirts/messes
  • Keep car seats, strollers and play areas clean
  • Do not use it for Microwaves or dishwasher detergent
  • Brand New in Original packaging 
  • Wonderful treat for your little kid or Gift idea!!


Size 尺碼

M: 下腹圍127cm以內 (50″以內), L: 腹圍137cm以內 (53.9″以內)