Edison 韓國學習筷子 – 米妮 (右手專用)

Edison 韓國學習筷子 – 米妮 (右手專用)

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Edison Training Chopsticks – Minnie(Right Hand)

made in Korea



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  • 可愛 Minnie 造型
  • 吸引及幫助孩子學習使用筷子
  • 幫助孩子改善掌握筷子的正確手勢
  • 右手適用

These kids training chopsticks are designed for preschool beginners around the ages of 3 – 5 years.  The recommended age on these chopsticks is listed at 3yrs+ due to the small parts, such as the finger rings.  However, 2 year olds have been known to succesfully use these training chopsticks under close supervision.

The kids training chopsticks have a thumb ring and two other rings to guide the index and middle fingers into the correct positions.  The tips of the chopsticks are flat and embossed to assist in picking up food.


  • Useful to take out and about to restaurants.
  • Ideal for beginners under 6 years of age.
  • Portable and Stylish.
  • For Right hand 


Size 尺碼

M: 下腹圍127cm以內 (50″以內), L: 腹圍137cm以內 (53.9″以內)