gb Gold Pockit 手推車 – 粉紅色

gb Gold Pockit 手推車 – 粉紅色

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gb Gold Pockit Stroller – Posh Pink

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  • Suitable for 6mths+




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卓越的設計創新, 輕巧gb Pockit是世界上最小的折疊式嬰兒車(創下2014年健力士世界記錄).

收摺後, Pockit是現時市場上最細的手推車, 只有長18 X 闊30 X 高38厘米. 只需2個步驟, 便可把手推車收摺到細小, 如手袋型狀, 方便攜帶和當不使用時亦容易收藏.

亦可存放在飛機或地鐵火車上的行李架! 熱愛在城市旅遊和探索,Pockit是典型的選擇. 


  • 收摺冠軍: Pockit是世界上最小的折疊式嬰兒車
  • 加長頭托的舒適座位
  • 相連煞掣裝置
  • 前輪360°旋轉. 當在地面不平的路上推動時, 可把前輪的旋轉功能鎖上
  • 輪子尺寸: 12厘米
  • 置物籃
  • 收摺後可自行企立
  • 適合6個月至17公斤使用
  • 開啟尺寸: 大約長28.35″ X 闊17.13″ X 高40.16″ / 長72 X 闊43.5 X 高102厘米 (+/- 1厘米) 
  • 收摺尺寸: 大約長7.08″ X 闊11.81″ X 高19.88″ / 長18 X 闊30 X 高50.5厘米 (+/- 1厘米) 
  • 最小收摺尺寸: 大約長7.1″ X 闊11.8″ X 高14.8″ / 長18 X 闊30 X 高37.5厘米 (+/- 1厘米)  


With its exceptional design innovation, the lightweight gb Pockit is the world’s smallest folding stroller (Guinness World Records 2014). When folded it is the smallest and most compact stroller currently available on the market, L18 X W30 X H38cm to be precise.

In only two steps, this stroller folds into a compact, light handbag-shaped package, great for when you are on the move and practical and easy to stow away when you’re not. It even fits into any plane or train overhead compartment! For parents with a passion for city travel and exploring, the Pockit is the quintessential choice.

  • Folding Champion: The world’s smallest folded stroller
  • Comfort seating area with extra long head support
  • Linked Brake
  • Front Swivel Wheels which can be locked for stability on uneven surface
  • Wheel size: 12cm
  • Shopping Basket
  • Self-stands when folded
  • Suitable for 6 months to 17kg
  • Opened Size: Approx. L28.35″ X W17.13″ X H40.16″ / L72 X W43.5 X H102cm (+/- 1cm)
  • Compact Folded Size: Approx. L7.08″ X W11.81 X H19.88″ / L18 X W30 X H50.5cm (+/- 1cm)
  • Ultra Compact Folded Size: Approx. L7.1″ X W11.8 X H14.8″ / L18 X W30 X H37.5cm (+/- 1cm)
  • Product Weight: 4.8kg