Microlife BP A200 AFIB 全自動手臂式血壓計

Microlife BP A200 AFIB 全自動手臂式血壓計

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Microlife BP A200 AFIB

Blood pressure monitor


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「心房纖顫患者中風機會較一般高5倍!」Microlife A200 AFIB 全自動手臂式血壓計配備了「全球首創且專利獨有」的AFIB心房纖顫偵測技術,可以在測量血壓的同時檢測心房顫動,讓患者能及早診斷並配以相應的治療。 此外,A200 AFIB內置USB電腦連接功能,允許用戶通過使用Microlife的免費BP Analyzer軟件來分析和跟踪健康狀況。


  • 專利心房顫動偵測技術 :
  • 200組記憶 :
  • 專利MAM平均測量模式 :
  • 免費BP Analyzer軟件 :
  • 經醫學測試 :
  • 特大顯示屏 :
  • 產品保養期:
Atrial fibrillation (AF) causes high risk of stroke. It leads to a 5-fold higher risk of stroke and is responsible for 20% of all strokes. Many people have no symptoms from AF and therefore remain undiagnosed.
The A200 AFIB is equipped with Microlife’s unique AFIB technology, which makes it possible to detect atrial fibrillation while measuring blood pressure at home. Additionally, the PC link function of this device allows the user to analyse and track health condition by using our free BPA software.


  • Unique AFIB technology :
    Atrial fibrillation detection for stroke prevention
  • 200 data memory :
    Automatic storage of the last 200 measurement values
  • MAM technology :
    3 readings in a row as recommended by doctors
  • Free BP analyzer software :
    Allows easy analysis of blood pressure values at the PC
  • Clinically Tested :
    British Hypertension Society (BHS) Validation with the highest possible grade of A/A
  • Large LCD display :
    Large screen display is perfect for elderly users
  • Product Warranty:
    2 years after purchase