Ricaricando 意大利薄荷洗潔精-洗碗機專用 1L

Ricaricando 意大利薄荷洗潔精-洗碗機專用 1L

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Ricaricando Dishwasher Detergent 1L


made in Italy

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  • 有機成分,獲得意大利天然有機AIAB清潔劑認證,品質保證。
  • 薄荷香味:萃取自天然有機薄荷精油,不刺鼻。
  • 凝膠式:凝膠式洗潔精,少泡沫,專為自動洗碗機設計。
  • 分解油污:有效分解油污,潔淨碗碟廚具。使用後能增添亮白效果。
  • 適用於清潔廚具、碗碟、餐具等。
  • Made in Italy
  • Gel detergent for washing dishes and glasses in the dishwasher, which leaves no chemical residue on the dishes.
  • Remove all food residue from dishes with a sponge; this optimizes the result and makes it possible to halve the amount of detergent. Pour the product in the appropriate dispenser in the dishwasher; select the wash cycle without prewash.
  • Selecting the ECO wash cycle facilitates energy saving, while frequently checking the filters and the level of salt improves the final result and avoids clogging the drains.


  • Place 30 ml of the product inside the dispenser. 1 dl of the product will provide for about 30 washes.