Ricaricando 意大利薄荷去油污清潔劑 1L

Ricaricando 意大利薄荷去油污清潔劑 1L

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Ricaricando Degreaser 1L


made in Italy

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  • 描述


  • 有機成分,獲得意大利天然有機AIAB清潔劑認證,品質保證。
  • 薄荷香味:萃取自有機薄荷精油,氣味清香,除菌除臭。
  • 成分溫和:成分有機,不傷皮膚。避免長期使用化學清潔劑而引起的敏感症狀。
  • 強效易用:一噴一抹,簡單易用。用途廣泛,能去除各類型的油污。
  • 適用於清潔廚房表面、一般廚具、抽油煙機、瓷磚、地板、玻璃、水槽、冰箱,清潔器具、水龍頭及金屬類等等。
  • Made in Italy
  • Organic Ingredients 
  • Branded and certified by Italy “AIAB Pulita Detergenza”
  • Mint: Extraction of essential oils by refining of plant materials.Fresh Natural Mint Flavour
  • Natural: Organic Ingredients. Not harmful to skin. May avoid the cause of skin allergy due to long-term use of chemical detergents
  • Easy & Effective: Designed with nozzle, spray and wipe, easy to use. Effectively remove grease and stubborn stains
  • Suitable for cleaning kitchen surfaces, general kitchenware, range hoods, tiles, flooring, glass, sink, refrigerators, cleaning tools, faucets, metal ware and etc.

Product Warnings:

If in eyes, rinse with water thoroughly
Contains Essential Oils. Consumers who are allergic to essential oils, please avoid using. Any allergic reactions, please consult doctors immediately
Avoid during Pregnancy
G6PD Deficiency (Favism) persons should avoid using


Product Usage:

For General Use: 
Spray the degreaser on the stains, then clean with a scouring pad

For Cleaning Flooring: 
1. Spray the degreaser on the flooring, then wipe with a clean towel
2. Mix 30ML of degreaser with 5L of water, then mop the sticky, dirty floor

For Cleaning Glasses:
Dilute 50ML of degreaser with 1/2L of water, then spray the diluted liquid on the glass and wipe with a clean towel


Storage Condition:

Store in a cool, dry area. Away from direct sunlight
Keep out of reach of children



Aqua, Coco Glucoside, Vegetable Alcohol, Mentha Arvensis Oil (Menta Da Agricoltura Biologica), Limonene