Spectra 便攜手動吸奶器

Spectra 便攜手動吸奶器

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Spectra Handy Plus – Harmony Manual Single Breastpump

Made in Korea

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  • 描述


  • 便攜式設計
  • 外形細小輕巧
  • 人體工程學設計的手柄
  • 裝簡單及容易清洗
  • 不含雙酚A物料
  • 韓國製造


  • 拆開並清洗所有組件
  • 消毒:只需消毒與乳汁接觸到的組件-吸奶喇叭,矽膠漏咀及儲奶瓶
  • 方法一: 消毒鍋-將清洗過的姐件放入消毒鍋(注意︰紫外線清毒鍋不適用)
  • 方法二:煮水式消毒-用鍋子盛水煮沸2-3分鐘後熄火。
  • 晾乾︰晾乾後即可使用,或放入消毒好的盒子以備使用。


The small and very portable Spectra Handy Plus makes expressing a breeze. It is easy to clean and assemble. All parts can be washed and sterilized. Its suction strength of 350mmHg is comparable to that of hospital-grade pumps and ensures effective nipple stimulation and removal of milk. Your Spectra Handy Plus can easily be transported in your Spectra Cooler Kit along with your expressed milk. All parts are BPA free.

The Spectra Handy Plus is everything Mums would want from a manual breast pump.

Manual pumps are ideal for occasional use by breast feeding Mums – you might want to go out for the evening, or away for the night but don’t need to regularly pump.

The Spectra Handy Plus has an ultra lightweight, ergonomic design that helps to reduce hand and wrist fatigue. It also comes with a silicon petal insert to gently cushion the breast and enhance milk flow.


Cleaning and disinfection

  • Unpack and clean all parts.
  • Disinfection and sterilization: (Accessories that has contact with milk) Premium Breast Shield, Silione Head and Milk storage bottle
  • Method A: By Sterilizer- put the accessories into the Sterilizer after cleaning (Not suitable for UV sterilizer)
  • Method B: By Boiling- Put the accessories into Boiling water for 2-3 minutes.
  • Dry: ready to use after drying or put into a sterilized box for use.


**Not suitable for microwave**