Spectra 9 Plus 手提乾濕電吸奶器(連雙泵)

Spectra 9 Plus 手提乾濕電吸奶器(連雙泵)

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$1,680 $1,428

Spectra 9Plus Electric  & Portable Milk Pump

Made in Korea

貨號: SPT-BP009
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SpeCtra 乃韓國醫院級專業奶泵,榮獲多項國際認證。

FDA, KFDA, CE, GMP, ISO9001 & ISO13485

  • BPA Free
  • 產品尺寸: L7 x W4.7 x H11.2 cm
  • 產品重量: 239g
  • 手提電動雙泵,攜帶方便
  • 操作寧靜,讓媽咪安心使用
  • 內置充電池,可乾濕電兩用
  • 內置5款按摩功能,10款不同吸力調節
  • 專利技術,預逆流系統,耐用及衛生
  • 超輕巧設計
  • 香港代理行貨,1年保養
  • 韓國製造


1)      LCD雙泵主機 x1,

2)      喇叭 x2,

3)      PP寬口儲奶瓶連蓋160ml x2,

4)      奶泵氣喉軟管 x2,

5)      矽膠閥門 x2,

6)      奶瓶底座 x2

Our sleekest model in the Spectra line-up, the 9Plus was designed for busy moms seeking portability and performance. Small, discreet, rechargeable, and weighing only 1/2lb, the 9Plus is full of unique features that make pumping a more natural part of the nursing process.

  • 250 mmHg
  • Vacuum suction up to L10
  • Single or Double Pump capability
  • Weighs only .5 pounds for portability
  • Includes both 24MM Breast flanges for perfect fit & comfort
  • Includes “wide neck bottles”, rings, & caps for ease of storage
  • Includes “Backflow protectors” to protect your milk from bacteria
  • Includes multi-volt power adaptor for use in any country
  • LCD screen