Zolli Drops 木糖醇護齒糖(雜果味)

Zolli Drops 木糖醇護齒糖(雜果味)

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  • Zolli Drops, The Clean Teeth Drops, Fruit Flavors, 15 Zolli Drops, 1.6 oz

  • made in the USA




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  • 6 種天然味道 (士多啤梨、香橙、提子、車厘子、紅桑子、菠蘿)
  • 全天然、不含糖份、無麩質、全素成份
  • 蘊含能防止蛀牙的木糖醇、赤藻糖醇成份。有效護齒不蛀牙。
  • 美國製造
  • 6 DELICIOUS FLAVORS: Strawberry, Grape, Orange, Raspberry, Pineapple, and Cherry
  • RECOMMENDED BY DENTISTS AND SENIORS: Zolli Drops have all the flavor and fun of Zollipops but without the stick. Zolli Drops are perfect for dry mouth and will leave you with a happy and healthy smile
  • INVENTED BY KIDPRENEUR: Alina Morse from Wolverine Lake, Michigan
  • INGREDIENTS YOU TRUST: Natural Flavors and Colors, contains Xylitol from USA Birch, Erythritol and Stevia. Sugar free, GMO-free, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Vegan and Kosher under Kof-K supervision


Size 尺碼

M: 下腹圍127cm以內 (50″以內), L: 腹圍137cm以內 (53.9″以內)